Argo-Scheduling Implementation Guide Release 1.0.0

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ConceptMap: visit-snomed-map

Argonaut Scheduiing Visit Type to SNOMED CT Mapping (

Mapping from to

DRAFT. Published on Oct 30, 2017 6:49:44 PM by Argonaut Project.

The source concepts are Argonaut Visit Types which are a prioritized valueset of the most common appointment types for scheduling and have been identified as the baseline use cases for the Argonaut scheduling Implementation Guide. The Visit types are mapped to the target concepts from SNOMED CT.

Source Code Equivalence Destination Code Comment
breast-imaging wider 1310126000 Target concept may include more than mammography
consult (CONSULTATION) equivalent 11429006
ct (COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHY SCAN(CT)) equivalent 310128004
dental equivalent 3671000175100
dxa (DUAL-ENERGY X-RAY ABSORPTIOMETRY(DXA)) equivalent 241686001
echo (ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY(ECHO)) equivalent 310169008
echo-stresstest (ECHOCARDIOGRAPHY(ECHO) STRESS TEST) equivalent 433233004
ed-followup (EDUCATION FOLLOW UP) wider 409073007 Target concept not constrained to follow up temporal context
eeg (ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY(EEG)) equivalent 54550000
egd (ESOPHAGOGASTRODUODENOSCOPY(EGD)) equivalent 310030000
ekg (ELECTROCARDIOGRAM(EKG)) equivalent 29303009
evaluation equivalent 386053000
flu-shot-clinic (INFLUENZA VACCINATION CLINIC) wider 86198006 Target concept not constrained to the context of a vaccine clinic'
fluoroscopy equivalent 44491008
follow-up equivalent 185389009
home-health (HOME HEALTH VISIT) equivalent 439708006
injection equivalent 59108006
inter-rad (INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY) equivalent 708174004
lab (LABORATORY TESTS) equivalent 708184003
minor-surgery narrower 711580002 The target restricts to ambulatory context
mri (MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING(MRI)) equivalent 310127009
new-patient equivalent 185387006
nuc-med (NUCLEAR MEDICINE) equivalent 310058008
occup-therapy (OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY) equivalent 310093001
office-visit equivalent 11429006 Proposing that the US term 'office visit' is synonomous with the UK term 'consultation'
physical equivalent 5880005
post-op (POST-OPERATIVE(POST-OP)) equivalent 439740005
pre-admit-testing (PRE-ADMISSION TESTING VISIT) wider 406153003 Target concept in not constrained to testing
pre-op (PRE-OPERATIVE(PRE-OP)) equivalent 133858001
procedure equivalent 71388002
same-day inexact 11429006 Mapping assumes the source concept is a same-day office visit vs same day testing or some other more specific service
stress-test equivalent 76746007
surgery equivalent 310138009
treatment inexact 277132007 Assuming Treatment means 'with intent to cure' vs 'rehabilitation'
ultrasound equivalent 310169008
urgent inexact 11429006 Mapping assumes the source concept is an urgent office visit vs urgent testing or some other more specific service
vaccine (VACCINATION) equivalent 127785005
vision equivalent 310160007
walk-in inexact 11429006 Mapping assumes the source concept is a walk in office visit vs walk in testing or some other more specific service
well-child equivalent 410620009
x-ray equivalent 310125001