FHIR Foundation Implementation Guides

The FHIR DICOM Package (fhir.dicom)

The FHIR DICOM package contains all the DICOM FHIR Value sets generated as part of the DICOM standard, and the DICOM code system itself.



The version is automatically derived from the DICOM internal version number linked to the release. The format is semver value:



  1. The year will have a format like 2021
  2. The release is 1, 2, 3, 4 following Dicom's a, b, c, d release e.g. 2021.4 corresponds do 2021d release
  3. The date is the date of release and is yyyymmdd - no time is included

Note that if you want the latest version, don't specify a version when you use the package.

Generating the Package

Anyone can generate their own copy of the package, but only the FHIR Product Director or authorised delegate can release a new package. To generate the package:

If, for some reason, you need an older package released from before this system existed (Oct 2021), talk to the David Clunie to assemble the correct source (value sets and OWL file) and then talk to Grahame Grieve to get the old package published.