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UCUM units

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Name:UCUM units

UCUM unit for coded form of units

Publisher:Argonaut Project
Copyright:UCUM is Copyright © 1999-2013 Regenstrief Institute, Inc. and The UCUM Organization, Indianapolis, IN. All rights reserved. See for details
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UCUM units

UCUM unit for coded form of units

Copyright Statement: UCUM is Copyright © 1999-2013 Regenstrief Institute, Inc. and The UCUM Organization, Indianapolis, IN. All rights reserved. See for details

This value set includes codes from the following code systems:

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This value set contains 1000 concepts

All codes from system

%/100{WBC}percent / 100 WBC
%{0to3Hours}percent 0to3Hours
%{Abnormal}percent Abnormal
%{Activity}percent Activity
%{BasalActivity}percent BasalActivity
%{Binding}percent Binding
%{Blockade}percent Blockade
%{Carboxyhemoglobin}percent Carboxyhemoglobin
%{Conversion}percent Conversion
%{Cound}percent Cound
%{EosSeen}percent EosSeen
%{Excretion}percent Excretion
%{Fat}percent Fat
%{FetalErythrocytes}percent FetalErythrocytes
%{Hemoglobin}percent Hemoglobin
%{HemoglobinA1C}percent HemoglobinA1C
%{HemoglobinSaturation}percent HemoglobinSaturation
%{Hemolysis}percent Hemolysis
%{HumanResponse}percent HumanResponse
%{Index}percent Index
%{Inhibition}percent Inhibition
%{Live}percent Live
%{Negative Control}percent Negative Control
%{Normal}percent Normal
%{NormalControl}percent NormalControl
%{NormalPooledPlasma}percent NormalPooledPlasma
%{ofAvailable}percent ofAvailable
%{ofBacteria}percent ofBacteria
%{OfLymphocytes}percent OfLymphocytes
%{OfWBCs}percent OfWBCs
%{Oxygen}percent Oxygen
%{Positive}percent Positive
%{Precipitate}percent Precipitate
%{Reactivity}percent Reactivity
%{response}percent response
%{risk}percent risk
%{SpermMotility}percent SpermMotility
%{Total}percent Total
%{TotalProtein}percent TotalProtein
%{Tot'Cholesterol}percent Tot'Cholesterol
%{Tot'Hgb}percent Tot'Hgb
%{Uptake}percent Uptake
%{WeightToWeight}percent WeightToWeight
/(12.h)per 12 * hour
/[arb'U]per arbitrary unit
/[HPF]per high power field
/[iU]per international unit
/[LPF]per low power field
/{Entity}per Entity
/{hpf}per hpf
/{LPF}per LPF
/{oif}per oif
/{Specimen}per Specimen
/{tot}per tot
/100per 100
/100{cells}per 100 cells
/100{neutrophils}per 100 neutrophils
/100{spermatozoa}per 100 spermatozoa
/a/ year
/cm[H2O]per centimeter of water
/dper day
/dLper deciliter
/gper gram
/g{creat}per gram creat
/g{hgb}per gram hgb
/g{tot'nit}per gram tot'nit
/g{tot'prot}per gram tot'prot
/g{wet'tis}per gram wet'tis
/hper hour
/kgper kilogram
/kg{body'wt}per kilogram body wt
/Lper liter
/m2per square meter
/mgper milligram
/minper minute
/mLper milliliter
/mm3per cubic millimeter
/mmolper millimole
/moper month
/sper second
/Uper enzyme unit
/ugper microgram
/uLper microliter
/wkper week
[APL'U]IgA anticardiolipin unit
[APL'U]/mLIgA anticardiolipin unit per milliliter
[arb'U]arbitrary unit
[arb'U]/Larbitary unit / liter
[arb'U]/mLarbitrary unit per milliliter
[AU]allergy unit
[BAU]bioequivalent allergen unit
[beth'U]Bethesda unit
[CFU]colony forming unit
[CFU]/Lcolony forming unit per liter
[CFU]/mLcolony forming unit per milliliter
[Ch]French (catheter gauge)
[cin_i]cubic inch
[degF]degree Fahrenheit
[dr_av]Dram (US and British)
[drp]/{HPF}drop / HPF
[drp]/hdrop / hour
[drp]/mindrop / minute
[drp]/mLdrop / milliliter
[drp]/sdrop / second
[fdr_us]fluid dram
[foz_br]fluid ounce
[foz_us]fluid ounce
[gal_us]Queen Anne's wine gallon
[GPL'U]IgG anticardiolipin unit
[in_i]inch (international)
[iU]international unit
[IU]/(2.h)international unit per 2 hour
[IU]/(24.h)international unit per 24 hour
[IU]/10*9{RBCs}international unit per billion red blood cells
[IU]/dinternational unit per day
[IU]/dLinternational unit per deciliter
[IU]/ginternational unit per gram
[IU]/g{Hb}international unit per gram of hemoglobin
[iU]/g{Hgb}international unit / gram Hgb
[IU]/hinternational unit per hour
[IU]/kginternational unit per kilogram
[IU]/kg/dinternational unit per kilogram per day
[IU]/Linternational unit per liter
[IU]/mininternational unit per minute
[IU]/mLinternational unit per milliliter
[lb_av]pound (US and British)
[mi_i]statute mile
[MPL'U]IgM anticardiolipin unit
[M'U]M unit
[nmi_i]nautical mile
[oz_av]ounce (US and British)
[pi].rad/minthe number pi * radian / minute
[ppb]part per billion
[ppm]part per million
[ppm]{v/v}part per million in volume per volume
[ppt]part per trillion
[ppth]parts per thousand
[pptr]parts per trillion
[psi]pound per square inch
[sft_i]square foot (international)
[sin_i]square inch (international)
[ston_av]short ton U.S. ton
[syd_i]square yard
[tbs_us]tablespoon (US)
[tb'U]tuberculin unit
[todd'U]Todd unit
{# of calculi}# of calculi
{# of donor informative markers}# of donor informative markers
{# of fetuses}# of fetuses
{# of informative markers}# of informative markers
{2 or 3 times}/d2 or 3 times / day
{3 times}/d3 times / day
{4 times}/d4 times / day
{5 times}/d5 times / day
{Absorbance'U}/mLAbsorbance'U / milliliter
{APS'U}IgA antiphosphatidylserine unit
{Beats}/minBeats / minute
{Bowls}/dBowls / day
{Breaths}/minBreaths / minute
{CAE'U}complement activity enzyme unit
{Cans}/wkCans / week
{cells}/[HPF]cells per high power field
{Cells}/mLCells / milliliter
{cells}/uLcells per microliter
{cfu}/mLcfu / milliliter
{CH100'U}complement CH100 unit
{clock time}clock time
{copies}/mLcopies per milliliter
{copies}/ugcopies per microgram
{Copies}/uLCopies / microliter
{Counts}/minCounts / minute
{Disintegrations}/minDisintegrations / minute
{Drinks}/dDrinks / day
{Ehrlich'U}Ehrlich unit
{Ehrlich'U}/(2.h)Ehrlich unit per 2 hour
{Ehrlich'U}/100gEhrlich unit per 100 gram
{Ehrlich'U}/dEhrlich unit per day
{Ehrlich'U}/dLEhrilich unit per deciliter
{Ehrlich'U}/mLEhrlich'U / milliliter
{EIAIndex}EIA index
{EIATiter}EIA titer
{EIA'U}EIA unit
{EIA'U}/UEIA unit per enzyme Unit
{Elisa'U}/mLElisa'U / milliliter
{ERY}/uLerythrocyte per microliter
{G}UG unit
{ImmuneComplex'U}immune complex unit
{InhaledTobaccoUsePacks}/dInhaledTobaccoUsePacks / day
{INR}international normalized ratio
{JDF'U}Juvenile Diabetes Foundation unit
{JDF'U}/LJuvenile Diabetes Foundation unit per liter
{KCT'U}kaolin clotting time
{KRONU'U}/LKronus unit per liter
{KRONU'U}/mLKronus unit per milliliter
{lgCopies}/mllgCopies / milliliter
{log_copies}/mLlog (base 10) copies per milliliter
{log_IU}/mLlog (base 10) international unit per milliliter
{M.o.M}multiple of the median
{Molecule}/{Platelet}Molecule / Platelet
{MPS'U}IgM antiphosphatidylserine unit
{MPS'U}/mLIgM antiphosphatidylserine unit per milliliter
{OD_unit}optical density unit
{Once}/dOnce / day
{P2Y12 Reaction Units}P2Y12 Reaction Units
{Packs}/dPacks / day
{Pouches}/wkPouches / week
{RBC}/uLred blood cell per microliter
{spermatozoa}/mLspermatozoa per milliliter
{Times}/wkTimes / week
{Volume}/{Vvolume}Volume / Vvolume
1/done per day
1/minone per minute
10*12/Ltrillion per liter
10*3.{RBC}Thousand Red Blood Cells
10*3.UThousand Per * Unit
10*3/LThousand Per Liter
10*3/mLThousand Per MilliLiter
10*3/uLThousands Per MicroLiter
10*3{Copies}/mLThousand Copies Per MilliLiter
10*-3{Polarization'U}(the number ten for arbitrary powers ^ -3) Polarization'U
10*6.U(the number ten for arbitrary powers ^ 6) * Unit
10*6/kgmillion per kilogram
10*6/Lmillion per liter
10*6/mLmillion per milliliter
10*6/mm3(the number ten for arbitrary powers ^ 6) / (millimeter ^ 3)
10*6/uLmillion per microliter
10*-6{Immunofluorescence'U}(the number ten for arbitrary powers ^ -6) Immunofluorescence'U
10*9/Lbillion per liter
10*9/mLbillion per milliliter
10*9/uLbillion per microliter
10.L/(min.m2)10 liter per minute per square meter
10.L/min10 liter per minute
10.uN.s/(cm.m2)10 * microNewton * second / centimeter * (meter ^ 2)
10.uN.s/cm10 * microNewton * second / centimeter
10.uN.s/cm210 * microNewton * second / (centimeter ^ 2)
A/mAmpère / meter
atttechnical atmosphere
Celdegree Celsius
cm[H2O]centimeter of water
cm[H2O]/(s.m)centimeter of water column / second * meter
cm[H2O]/L/scentimeter of water per liter per second
cm[Hg]centimeter of mercury
cm2square centimeter
cm2/ssquare centimeter per second
cm3cubic centimeter
deg/sdegree per second
dm2/s2square decimeter per square second
eq/Lequivalents / liter
eq/mLequivalents / milliliter
eq/mmolequivalents / millimole
eq/umolequivalents / micromole
fL/nLfemtoliter / nanoliter
fmol/gfemtomole per gram
fmol/Lfemtomole per liter
fmol/mgfemtomole / milligram
fmol/mLfemtomole / milliliter
g.mgram * meter
g.m/({hb}.m2)gram * meter / hb * (meter ^ 2)
g.m/{hb}gram * meter / hb
g/(100.g)gram per 100 gram
g/(12.h)gram per 12 hour
g/(24.h)gram per 24 hour
g/(3.d)gram per 3 days
g/(4.h)gram per 4 hour
g/(48.h)gram per 48 hour
g/(5.h)gram per 5 hour
g/(6.h)gram per 6 hour
g/(72.h)gram per 72 hour
g/(8.h)gram / 8 * hour
g/( / 8 * kilogram * hour
g/(kg.h)gram / kilogram * hour
g/(kg.min)gram / kilogram * minute
g/{TotalWeight}gram / TotalWeight
g/dgram per day
g/dLgram per deciliter
g/ggram per gram
g/g{Cre}gram / gram Cre
g/g{creat}gram / gram creat
g/g{tissue}gram per gram of tissue
g/hgram per hour
g/h/m2gram per hour per square meter
g/kggram per kilogram
g/kg/dgram per kilogram per day
g/Lgram per liter
g/m2grams Per Square Meter
g/mggram per milligram
g/mingram per minute
g/mLgram per milliliter
g/mmolgram per millimole
g/mmol{creat}gram / millimole creat
g/molgram per mole
iUinternational unit
J/Ljoule per liter
K/WKelvin / Watt
k[IU]/Lkilo international unit per liter
k[IU]/mLkilo international unit per milliliter
kat/kgkatal / kilogram
kat/Lkatal / liter
kcal/(8.h)kilocalorie / 8 * hour
kcal/hkilocalorie per hour
kg.m/skilogram meter per second
kg/(s.m2)kilogram per second per square meter
kg/hkilogram per hour
kg/Lkilogram per liter
kg/m2kilogram / (meter ^ 2)
kg/m3kilogram / (meter ^ 3)
kg/minkilogram / minute
kg/molkilogram per mole
kg/skilogram / second
kU/gkiloenzyme Unit per gram
kU/hkiloUnit / hour
kU/Lkiloenzyme Unit per liter
kU/mLkilo enzyme unit per milliliter
L.s2/sliter * (second ^ 2) / second
L/(8.h)liter per 8 hour
L/(min.m2)liter per minute per square meter
L/dliter per day
L/hliter per hour
L/kgliter per kilogram
L/Lliter per liter
L/minliter per minute
L/sliter / second
lm/m2lumen / (meter ^ 2)
m/smeter per second
m/s2meter per square second
m[iU]milliinternational unit
m[IU]/Lmilli international unit per liter
m[IU]/mLmilli international unit per milliliter
m2square meter
m2/ssquare meter per second
m3/scubic meter per second
mbar.s/Lmillibar second per liter
meq/(12.h)milliequivalent per 12 hour
meq/(2.h)milliequivalent per 2 hour
meq/(24.h)milliequivalent per 24 hour
meq/(8.h)milliequivalent per 8 hour
meq/( / 8 * hour * kilogram
meq/(kg.d)milliequivalents / kilogram * day
meq/{Specimen}milliequivalents / Specimen
meq/dmilliequivalent per day
meq/dLmilliequivalent per deciliter
meq/gmilliequivalent per gram
meq/g{Cre}milliequivalents / gram Cre
meq/hmilliequivalent per hour
meq/kgmilliequivalent per kilogram
meq/kg/hmilliequivalent per kilogram per hour
meq/kg/minmilliequivalents / kilogram / minute
meq/Lmilliequivalent per liter
meq/m2milliequivalent per square meter
meq/minmilliequivalent per minute
meq/mLmilliequivalent per milliliter
mg/(10.h)milligram per 10 hour
mg/(12.h)milligram per 12 hour
mg/(18.h)milligram per 18 hour
mg/(2.h)milligram per 2 hour
mg/(24.h)milligram per 24 hour
mg/(72.h)milligram per 72 hour
mg/(8.h)milligram per 8 hour
mg/( / 8 * hour * kilogram
mg/(kg.h)milligram / kilogram * hour
mg/{Hgb}/gmilligram / Hgb / gram
mg/{Specimen}milligram / Specimen
mg/{Tot'Volume}milligram / Tot'Volume
mg/{Volume}milligram / Volume
mg/dmilligram per day
mg/d/(173.10*-2.m2)milligram / day / 173 * (the number ten for arbitrary powers ^ -2) * (meter ^ 2)
mg/dLmilligram per deciliter
mg/gmilligram per gram
mg/g{Cre}milligram / gram Cre
mg/g{creat}milligram per gram of creatinine
mg/hmilligram per hour
mg/kgmilligram per kilogram
mg/kg/(24.h)milligram / kilogram / 24 * hour
mg/kg/dmilligram per kilogram per day
mg/kg/minmilligram per kilogram per minute
mg/Lmilligram per liter
mg/m2milligram per square meter
mg/m3milligram per cubic meter
mg/mgmilligram per milligram
mg/mg{cre}milligram / milligram cre
mg/minmilligram per minute
mg/mLmilligram per milliliter
mg/mmolmilligram per millimole
mg/mmol{Cre}milligram / millimole Cre
mg/mmol{creat}milligram per millimole of creatinine
mg/wkmilligram per week
mg{Phenylketones}/dLmilligram Phenylketones / deciliter
mL/({h'b}.m2)milliliter / h'b * (meter ^ 2)
mL/(10.h)milliliter per 10 hour
mL/(12.h)milliliter per 12 hour
mL/(2.h)milliliter per 2 hour
mL/(24.h)milliliter per 24 hour
mL/(4.h)milliliter per 4 hour
mL/(72.h)milliliter per 72 hour
mL/(8.h)milliliter per 8 hour
mL/(kg.min)milliliter / kilogram * minute
mL/[sin_i]milliliter per square inch (international)
mL/{h'b}MilliLitersPerHeartbeat [SI Volume Units]
mL/cm[H2O]milliliter / centimeter of water column
mL/dmilliliter per day
mL/dLmilliliter per deciliter
mL/hmilliliter per hour
mL/kgmilliliter per kilogram
mL/kg/(8.h)milliliter per kilogram per 8 hour
mL/kg/dmilliliter per kilogram per day
mL/kg/hmilliliter per kilogram per hour
mL/kg/minmilliliter per kilogram per minute
mL/Lmilliliter per liter
mL/m2milliliter per square meter
mL/mbarmilliliter per millibar
mL/minmilliliter per minute
mL/min/(173.10*-2.m2)milliliter / minute / 173 * (the number ten for arbitrary powers ^ -2) * (meter ^ 2)
mL/min/{1.73_m2}milliliter per minute per 1.73 square meter
mL/min/m2milliliter per minute per square meter
mL/mmmilliliter per millimeter
mL/smilliliter per second
mm/hmillimeter per hour
mm/minmillimeter per minute
mm[H2O]millimeter of water
mm[Hg]millimeter of mercury
mm2square millimeter
mm3cubic millimeter
mmol/(12.h)millimole per 12 hour
mmol/(18.h)millimole per 18 hour
mmol/(2.h)millimole per 2 hour
mmol/(24.h)millimole per 24 hour
mmol/(6.h)millimole per 6 hour
mmol/(8.h)millimole per 8 hour
mmol/( / 8 * hour * kilogram
mmol/{Tot'Volume}millimole / Tot'Volume
mmol/dmillimole per day
mmol/dLmillimole per deciliter
mmol/gmillimole per gram
mmol/g{creat}millimole per gram of creatinine
mmol/g{hemoglobin}millimole per gram of hemoglobin
mmol/hmillimole per hour
mmol/h/mg{Hb}millimole per hour per milligram of hemoglobin
mmol/h/mg{protein}millimole per hour per milligram of protein
mmol/kgmillimole per kilogram
mmol/kg/dmillimole per kilogram per day
mmol/kg/hmillimole per kilogram per hour
mmol/kg/minmillimole per kilogram per minute
mmol/kg[H20]millimole per kilogram of water
mmol/Lmillimole per liter
mmol/L/smillimole per liter per second
mmol/mmillimole / meter
mmol/m2millimole per square meter
mmol/minmillimole per minute
mmol/mmolmillimole per millimole
mmol/molmillimole per mole
mmol/mol{creat}millimole per mole of creatinine
mmol/s/Lmillimole per second per liter
mol/dmole per day
mol/kgmole per kilogram
mol/kg/smole per kilogram per second
mol/Lmole per liter
mol/m3mole per cubic meter
mol/mLmole per milliliter
mol/molmole per mole
mol/mol{creat}mole / mole creat
mol/smole per second
mosm/kgmilliosmole per kilogram
mosm/Lmilliosmole per liter
mUmillienzyme Unit
mU/gmillienzyme Unit per gram
mU/g{Hgb}milliUnit / gram Hgb
mU/Lmillienzyme Unit per liter
mU/mgmilliUnit / milligram
mU/mg{Cre}milliUnit / milligram Cre
mU/minmilliUnit / minute
mU/mLmillienzyme Unit per milliliter
mU/mL/minmillienzyme Unit per milliliter per minute
mU/mmol{creatinine}millienzyme Unit per millimole of creatinine
mU/mmol{RBCs}millienzyme Unit per millimole of red blood cells
N.cmNewton centimeter
N.sNewton second
ng/(24.h)nanogram per 24 hour
ng/(8.h)nanogram per 8 hour
ng/( / 8 * hour * kilogram
ng/(kg.d)nanogram / kilogram * day
ng/(kg.h)nanogram / kilogram * hour
ng/(kg.min)nanogram / kilogram * minute
ng/10*6nanogram per million
ng/dnanogram per day
ng/dLnanogram per deciliter
ng/dL/hnanogram / deciliter / hour
ng/gnanogram per gram
ng/g{Cre}nanogram / gram Cre
ng/g{creat}nanogram per gram of creatinine
ng/hnanogram per hour
ng/kgnanogram per kilogram
ng/kg/(8.h)nanogram per kilogram per 8 hour
ng/kg/hnanogram per kilogram per hour
ng/kg/minnanogram per kilogram per minute
ng/Lnanogram per liter
ng/m2nanogram per square meter
ng/mgnanogram per milligram
ng/mg/hnanogram per milligram per hour
ng/mg{Protein}nanogram / milligram Protein
ng/minnanogram per minute
ng/mLnanogram per millliiter
ng/mL/hnanogram per milliliter per hour
ng/mL{rbc}nanogram / milliliter rbc
ng/snanogram per second
nm/s/Lnanometer per second per liter
nmol/(24.h)nanomole per 24 hour
nmol/dnanomole per day
nmol/dLnanomole per deciliter
nmol/gnanomole per gram
nmol/g{Cre}nanomole / gram Cre
nmol/g{creat}nanomole per gram of creatinine
nmol/g{dry_wt}nanomole per gram of dry weight
nmol/h/Lnanomole per hour per liter
nmol/h/mg{protein}nanomole per hour per milligram of protein
nmol/h/mLnanomole per hour per milliliter
nmol/Lnanomole per liter
nmol/L/mmol{creat}nanomole per liter per millimole of creatinine
nmol/L/snanomole per liter per second
nmol/L{RBCs}nanomole per liter of red blood cells
nmol/m/mg{protein}nanomole per meter per milligram of protein
nmol/mgnanomole per milligram
nmol/mg/hnanomole per milligram per hour
nmol/min/mg{hemoglobin}nanomole per minute per milligram of hemoglobin
nmol/min/mg{protein}nanomole per minute per milligram of protein
nmol/min/mLnanomole per minute per milliliter
nmol/mLnanomole per milliliter
nmol/mL/hnanomole per milliliter per hour
nmol/mL/minnanomole per milliliter per minute
nmol/mmolnanomole per millimole
nmol/mmol{Cre}nanomole / millimole Cre
nmol/mmol{creat}nanomole per millimole of creatinine
nmol/molnanomole per mole
nmol/nmolnanomole per nanomole
nmol/snanomole per second
nmol/s/Lnanomole per second per liter
nmol/umol{creat}nanomole per micromole of creatinine
osm/kgosmole per kilogram
osm/Losmole per liter
pg/dLpicogram per deciliter
pg/Lpicogram per liter
pg/mgpicogram per milligram
pg/mLpicogram per milliliter
pg/mmpicogram per millimeter
pmol/dpicomole per day
pmol/dLpicomole per deciliter
pmol/gpicomole per gram
pmol/h/mg{protein}picomole per hour per milligram of protein
pmol/h/mLpicomole per hour per milliliter
pmol/Lpicomole per liter
pmol/mg{protein}picomole per milligram of protein
pmol/minpicomole per minute
pmol/min/mg{protein}picomole per minute per milligram of protein
pmol/mLpicomole per milliliter
pmol/mmolpicomole per millimole
pmol/mmol{creat}picomole per millimole of creatinine
pmol/molpicomole per mole
pmol/umolpicomole per micromole
pmol/umol{creat}picomole per micromole of creatinine
Uenzyme Unit
U/(1.h)enzyme Unit per 1 hour
U/(12.h)enzyme unit per 12 hour
U/(18.h)enzyme Unit per 18 hour
U/(2.h)enzyme unit per 2 hour
U/(24.h)enzyme unit per 24 hour
U/10*10{cells}enzyme unit per 10 billion cells
U/10*12enzyme unit per trillion
U/10*6enzyme unit per million
U/10*9enzyme unit per billion
U/denzyme unit per day
U/dLenzyme unit per deciliter
U/genzyme unit per gram
U/g{Cre}Unit / gram Cre
U/g{Hb}enzyme unit per gram of hemoglobin
U/g{hemoglobin}enzyme Unit per gram of hemoglobin
U/henzyme unit per hour
U/kg/hUnit / kilogram / hour
U/kg{Hb}enzyme unit per kilogram of hemoglobin
U/kg{hemoglobin}enzyme Unit per kilogram of hemoglobin
U/Lenzyme unit per liter
U/minenzyme unit per minute
U/mLenzyme unit per milliliter
U/mL{RBC}Unit / milliliter RBC
U/mL{RBCs}enzyme unit per milliliter of red blood cells
U/mmol{creat}enzyme unit per millimole of creatinine
U/molenzyme Unit per mole
U/senzyme unit per second
U/umolenzyme Unit per micromole
u[IU]micro international unit
u[IU]/Lmicrointernational unit per liter
u[IU]/mLmicro international unit per milliliter
ueq/Lmicroequivalent per liter
ueq/mLmicroequivalent per milliliter
ug/(24.h)microgram per 24 hour
ug/(8.h)microgram per 8 hour
ug/(kg.d)microgram / kilogram * day
ug/(kg.h)microgram / kilogram * hour
ug/{Specimen}microgram / Specimen
ug/dmicrogram per day
ug/dLmicrogram per deciliter
ug/dL{rbc}microgram / deciliter rbc
ug/gmicrogram per gram
ug/g{Cre}microgram / gram Cre
ug/g{creat}microgram per gram of creatinine
ug/g{DryWeight}microgram / gram DryWeight
ug/g{Hgb}microgram / gram Hgb
ug/g{Tissue}microgram / gram Tissue
ug/hmicrogram per hour
ug/kgmicrogram per kilogram
ug/kg/(8.h)microgram per kilogram per 8 hour
ug/kg/dmicrogram per kilogram per day
ug/kg/hmicrogram per kilogram per hour
ug/kg/minmicrogram per kilogram per minute
ug/Lmicrogram per liter
ug/L/(24.h)microgram per liter per 24 hour
ug/L{DDU}microgram / liter DDU
ug/m2microgram per square meter
ug/mgmicrogram per milligram
ug/mg{Cre}microgram / milligram Cre
ug/mg{creat}microgram per milligram of creatinine
ug/minmicrogram per minute
ug/mLmicrogram per milliliter
ug/mL{FEU}microgram / milliliter FEU
ug/mmolmicrogram per millimole
ug/ngmicrogram per nanogram
ug{T4}/dLmicrogram T4 / deciliter
uL/(2.h)microliter per 2 hour
uL/hmicroliter per hour
um/smicrometer per second
umol/(24.h)micromole per 24 hour
umol/dmicromole per day
umol/dLmicromole per deciliter
umol/gmicromole per gram
umol/g{Cre}micromole / gram Cre
umol/g{creat}micromole per gram of creatinine
umol/g{Hb}micromole per gram of hemoglobin
umol/g{hemoglobin}micromole per gram of hemoglobin
umol/g{Hgb}micromole / gram Hgb
umol/hmicromole per hour
umol/h/gmicromole / hour / gram
umol/h/Lmicromole per hour per liter
umol/h/mg{protein}micromole per hour per milligram of protein
umol/kgmicromole per kilogram
umol/Lmicromole per liter
umol/L/hmicromole per liter per hour
umol/L{rbc}micromole per liter of red blood cells
umol/mmicromole / meter
umol/mgmicromole per milligram
umol/mg{Cre}micromole / milligram Cre
umol/minmicromole per minute
umol/min/gmicromole per minute per gram
umol/min/g{prot}micromole / minute / gram prot
umol/min/g{protein}micromole per minute per gram of protein
umol/min/Lmicromole per minute per liter
umol/mLmicromole per milliliter
umol/mL/minmicromole per milliliter per minute
umol/mmolmicromole per millimole
umol/molmicromole per mole
umol/mol{Cre}micromole / mole Cre
umol/mol{creat}micromole per mole of creatinine
umol/mol{Hb}micromole per mole of hemoglobin
umol/umolmicromole per micromole
uU/gmicro enzyme unit per gram
uU/Lmicro enzyme unit per liter
uU/mLmicro enzyme unit per milliliter
10.uN.s/(cm5.m2)10 micronewton second per centimeter to the fifth power per square meter
10*4/uL10 thousand per microliter
24.h24 hour
{ARU}aspirin response unit
atmstandard atmosphere
ag/{cell}attogram per cell
{binding_index}binding index
[bdsk'U]Bodansky unit
{CAG_repeats}CAG trinucleotide repeats
cm[H2O]/s/mcentimeter of water per second per meter
{delta_OD}change in (delta) optical density
{CPM}counts per minute
{CPM}/10*3{cell}counts per minute per thousand cells
daL/mindekaliter per minute
daL/min/m2dekaliter per minute per square meter
dyn.s/cmdyne second per centimeter
dyn.s/(cm.m2)dyne second per centimeter per square meter
{Ehrlich'U}/100.gEhrlich unit per 100 gram
{EIA_index}EIA index
{EIA_titer}EIA titer
{EV}EIA value
U/10enzyme unit per 10
U/10*10enzyme unit per 10 billion
U/(10.g){feces}enzyme unit per 10 gram of feces
U/g{creat}enzyme unit per gram of creatinine
U/g{protein}enzyme unit per gram of protein
U{25Cel}/Lenzyme unit per liter at 25 deg Celsius
U{37Cel}/Lenzyme unit per liter at 37 deg Celsius
U/10*12{RBCs}enzyme unit per trillion red blood cells
fmol/mg{cytosol_protein}femtomole per milligram of cytosol protein
fmol/mg{protein}femtomole per milligram of protein
{FIU}fluorescent intensity unit
{GAA_repeats}GAA trinucleotide repeats
{genomes}/mLgenomes per milliliter
{Globules}/[HPF]globules (drops) per high power field
g.m/{beat}gram meter per heart beat
g{creat}gram of creatinine
g{Hb}gram of hemoglobin
g{total_nit}gram of total nitrogen
g{total_prot}gram of total protein
g{wet_tissue}gram of wet tissue
g/kg/(8.h)gram per kilogram per 8 hour
g/(8.h){shift}gram per 8 hour shift
g/cm3gram per cubic centimeter
g/g{globulin}gram per gram of globulin
g/kg/(8.h){shift}gram per kilogram per 8 hour shift
g/kg/hgram per kilogram per hour
g/kg/mingram per kilogram per minute
g/mol{creat}gram per mole of creatinine
g/{specimen}gram per specimen
g/{total_output}gram per total output
g/{total_weight}gram per total weight
[HPF]high power field
[GPL'U]/mLIgG anticardiolipin unit per milliliter**
{GPS'U}IgG antiphosphatidylserine unit
[MPL'U]/mLIgM anticardiolipin unit per milliliter**
{ISR}immune status ratio
{IFA_index}immunofluorescence assay index
{IFA_titer}Immunofluorescence assay titer
[in_i'H2O]inch (international) of water
{HA_titer}influenza hemagglutination titer
[IU]/L{37Cel}international unit per liter at 37 degrees Celsius
[IU]/mg{creat}international unit per milligram of creatinine
kUkilo enzyme unit
kU/L{class}kilo enzyme unit per liter class
kcal/dkilocalorie per day
kcal/kg/(24.h)kilocalorie per kilogram per 24 hour
kcal/[oz_av]kilocalorie per ounce (US & British)
[ka'U]King Armstrong unit
L/(24.h)liter per 24 hour
L/s/s2liter per second per square second
{Log_IU}log (base 10) international unit
{Log}log base 10
[LPF]low power field
lm.m2lumen square meter
{Lyme_index_value}Lyme index value
[mclg'U]Mac Lagan unit
ug/g{feces}microgram per gram of feces
ug{FEU}/mLmicrogram fibrinogen equivalent unit per milliliter
ug/(100.g)microgram per 100 gram
ug/m3microgram per cubic meter
ug/dL{RBCs}microgram per deciliter of red blood cells
ug/g{dry_tissue}microgram per gram of dry tissue
ug/g{dry_wt}microgram per gram of dry weight
ug/g{hair}microgram per gram of hair
ug/g{Hb}microgram per gram of hemoglobin
ug/L{RBCs}microgram per liter of red blood cells
ug/mL{class}microgram per milliliter class
ug/mL{eqv}microgram per milliliter equivalent
ug/mmol{creat}microgram per millimole of creatinine
ug/[sft_i]microgram per square foot (international)
umol{BCE}/molmicromole bone collagen equivalent per mole
umol/(2.h)micromole per 2 hour
umol/(8.h)micromole per 8 hour
umol/dL{GF}micromole per deciliter of glomerular filtrate
umol/kg{feces}micromole per kilogram of feces
umol/L{RBCs}micromole per liter of red blood cells
umol/umol{creat}micromole per micromole of creatinine
umol/mg{creat}micromole per milligram of creatinine
umol/mmol{creat}micromole per millimole of creatinine
umol/min/g{mucosa}micromole per minute per gram of mucosa
mU/mmol{creat}milli enzyme unit per millimole of creatinine
mU/g{Hb}milli enzyme unit per gram of hemoglobin
mU/g{protein}milli enzyme unit per gram of protein
mU/mg{creat}milli enzyme unit per milligram of creatinine
mbar/L/smillibar per liter per second
meq/g{creat}milliequivalent per gram of creatinine
meq/{total_volume}milliequivalent per total volume
mg{FEU}/Lmilligram fibrinogen equivalent unit per liter
mg/(6.h)milligram per 6 hour
mg/{collection}milligram per collection
mg/d/{1.73_m2}milligram per day per 1.73 square meter
mg/dL{RBCs}milligram per deciliter of red blood cells