FHIR Report for Sept 2017

Main Event The main event for this month was the HL7 Working Group meeting in San Diego. Most of this monthly event report gets swallowed up by the Meeting report available at https://onfhir.hl7.org/2017/09/21/fhir-product-directors-report-from-2017-sept-san-diego-meeting Hence this month's report is short. HL7 Formal Strategy As described in the meeting report, the board of director's strategy says:
  1. Increase understanding of FHIR usage and value of usage worldwide (Immediate)
  2. Achieve symbiotic link of brand and financial benefit between HL7 and FHIR.(Immediate)
  3. Demonstrate the value of FHIR in enabling interoperability (Midterm)
  4. Ensure resources are most effectively focused to enhance FHIR (Midterm)
You're invited to join the FHIR Foundation members discussion of the FHIR Foundation's potential role in this FHIR Foundation The FHIR foundation membership was opened for members. Will suggest to the board that all members should be put on a mailing list - need to determine how to administer that http://registry.fhir.org is undergoing trials. The main issue that has arisen is under what conditions existing content on simplifier should be published. Also, it's clear that we'll have to invest in process and UI improvements to improve signal/noise ratio for registry users FHIR Planning The main focus of the community is preparing for the upcoming normative ballot. There's a lot of work to be done, and about 6 months to complete the work. That's not very long... committees are hard at work Product Plans:
  • Normative : there's a connectathon stream planned around cross-version support
  • RDF : no progress - need to work on this
  • Data Analytics - See discussion here: http://www.healthintersections.com.au/?p=2689. A connectathon is planned, and I will be attending an ROpenSci unconference this coming month to work on R support for data analytics
  • Graph API - Still socialising this in the community. Importantly, Facebook has resolved the IP issues associated with graphQL
  • Patterns - no further progress
  • Services - no further progress
  • Deployment: Smart-On-FHIR ballot is undergoing ballot reconciliation
  • Snomed Intl: Hopefully will make some small progress associated with the SCT meeting in Bratislava this coming month
  • W3C: no one from W3C attended. Will investigate
  • CDISC: Will chase a report for next month
  • AMA: Still waiting for some traction on this
  • OpenMHealth: Will chase a report for next month
  • IHE: Will chase a report on this for next month
Forthcoming Meetings See http://fhir.org/calendar