FHIR Report for August 2017

July and August are relatively quiet months for the FHIR community, with the northern hemisphere trying to enjoy what passes for summer lately. But Some interesting things still happened.


The most important meeting was AMIA in China. HL7 China organised a Connectathon beforehand, which was supported by David Hay HL7 China reports:

HL7 China held a connectathon during the recent CHIMA conference. It was a half day event after a seminar presented by David Hay. There were a number of Use Cases tested:

  • RESTful Create/Read operations against Patient
  • RESTful Create/Read operations against Condition
  • RESTful Create/Read operations using DiagnosticReport resources (with associated dependent resources)

All scenarios had basic data supplied and sample XML resources. 9 companies (with about 25 individuals) were present on the day. 7 of those companies were able to complete all the test scenarios.

FHIR Foundation

The FHIR foundation is starting to produce outcomes. The most important outcomes:

  • the website is now ready for member services
  • registry.fhir.org is ready to be announced
  • there is starting to be member content on http://fhir.org

These will be announced at the HL7 meeting in San Diego

Implementation Guides/Projects

Implementation Guide production has continued across many countries, with more investment in earlier stages of the tooling starting to occur. FHIR Management Group is starting to plan a tutorial stream for producing FHIR Implementation Guides. The tooling to support implementation guides is starting to fall into place. We now have editors for

  • StructureDefinition
  • ValueSet
  • CodeSystem
  • CapabilityStatement

StructureDefinition editing is via Forge while the others are edited using the FHIR Toolkit


The September connectathon is an unusually significant - there are many new streams, or streams that are making substantial progress, and a lot of development has occurred in the lead up to the connectathon.

Quick Status Analysis:

  • Normative : Need to plan January connectathon around normative
  • RDF : no progress
  • Data Analytics - Substantial progress coming at the behest of US ONC
  • Graph API - Socialising this in the community
  • Patterns - no further progress
  • Services - no further progress
  • Deployment: Smart-On-FHIR ballot is open


  • Snomed Intl: This has stalled due to lack of funding
  • W3C: Slow progress on RDF - should push for a report at Sept WGM
  • CDISC: some Initial FHIR Resource to CDISC CDASH mappings were distributed to the Clinical Resource Connectathon track, and will be tested in San Diego
  • OpenMHealth: Will be attending the San Diego Connectathon
  • AMA: Still waiting for some traction on this

Open Issues

Internal infrastructure:

  • replacing gForge with Jira - A full report on implications has been prepared and reviewed, and this is now in progress (yay!)
  • replace gForge subversion with Github is under way.

(Both changes will be significant, and particularly the change to GitHub will make a lot of noise as we build out new processes around content management)

Version Management - the community has asked us to do more work on inter-version management. Currently there are 2 streams of work:

  • FGB to describe our goals with regard to inter-version support - this has been done
  • me to write up the current state of inter-version support in FHIR. This is still to do, and is a significant issue
  • Smart on FHIR - was balloted. No longer an open issue

    CQL specification family - in progress